Corporate Association

NIREM Institute of Real Estate Management is the leader and pioneer of real estate education & training in India.

As a partner in Knowledge, NIREM works to create an environment conducive to the growth and development of real estate sector in India, partnering the real estate industry, Government and end-users and currently focusing on human resource development.

In brief NIREM aims to strengthen the growth and development process of the real estate sector in India. You can become a part of this journey by associating with us as a member.

As a member of NIREM, real estate development, marketing and investment companies, housing finance institutions and other stakeholders of the sector (Organizations and Individuals) will have thorough access to the institute’s intellectual capital which would help them develop their most critical resource-the human resource.

Also as a NIREM member you will have access to a world of opportunities from networking with the real estate and allied corporate majors of Indian and global markets to assisting in framing housing and real estate related sectoral policies, through close linkage with the government and other stakeholders.

NIREM’s proactive approach focuses on helping you increase your organization’s efficiency and competitiveness.

To become a member, please mail your request, clearly mentioning the name and contact details of the organization, to