Education Consultant

Become a Real Estate Education Consultant..!!!

Real Estate Education Consultant (REEC)

NIREM aims to be the most preferred knowledge partner to the organizations in real estate and allied sectors. As a Real Estate Education Consultant you can assist NIREM in its endeavour to meet the human resource development needs of the industry by devising education and training solutions for working professionals, students and real estate companies.

You will generate admissions for our class room as well as distance courses for real estate professionals, professionals from other sectors, fresh students looking for a career in real estate and even graduates. You will also meet the corporate training needs of real estate developers and property consultants.

Achieving Success

Success of potential Real Estate Education Consultant lies in his ability to tap the vast and still untapped real estate sector in India. There are millions of property consultants and real estate professionals working in the industry without any formal education in real estate. These professionals want to upgrade their skill and knowledge. Yet, there million others who want to start their career in real estate.

Key factors of success as NIREM’s Real Estate Education Consultant are strong business acumen backed by entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to be the introducer of real estate education in their area of operation.

NIREM being the pioneer of real estate education in India provides the Real Estate Education Consultants a unique platform to achieve success.

Who Should Apply?

1. Individuals (Experience in Real estate sector most preferred)

2. Educational Institutions

3. Company

Eligibility Criteria

NIREM is the leader in real estate education and training that offers both class room and distance program in various functional areas of real estate. To maintain our leadership position, we are looking for dynamic professionals, institutions and companies at all major locations especially India, South & East Asia, Middle East and African countries.

The Real Estate Education Consultant is expected to pursue this as primary business activity as we our Consultants to invest significant time, resources and money to promote our Courses, Corporate Training programs, Workshops and other Events.

Selection Process

Potential Real Estate Education Consultant should mail his CV or institution/company profile, as the first step. After short listing the profile/C.V., a business meeting will be scheduled to finalize the candidature as REEC.

What is Preferred?

Professional work experience, strong communication skill, business understating and acumen and wiliness to contribute time to generate admissions for various courses and programs are desired from potential Real Estate Education Consultant.

Experience in real estate is highly preferred.

Job Profile

Generate enquiries and admissions through social, professional, corporate, academic or other contacts.

Resolve prospective student enquiries for enrollment with NIREM.

Benefits to REEC

By becoming NIREM’s Real Estate Education Consultant, you enjoy financial benefit/honorarium based on every enrollment you generate.

Support from NIREM

On selection, you enter into an agreement with us by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. After singing the MoU, we organize a telecon, web conference or personal meeting for the Real Estate Education Consultant. You are provided with promotional material to perform the required services. Our Managers, time-to-time, also provide training and guidance to the Sales force, counselors and Real Estate Education Consultants to help generate admissions. We also provide other sales support if required such as making presentations to corporates in your area.

The Next Step

Simply send your Profile, C.V. or Personal details to . If your application is shortlisted, we will send your complete business proposal. Next we will invite your for an interaction and after mutual consent we shall sign the MOU. Initial association will be for a period of three years which can be renewed on the basis of performance.