• Even though I am an established real estate professional and have been working in this sector for long, I learnt a lot through the real estate management program of NIREM. Curriculum was quite diverse and the faculty members were very knowledgeable.

    Nitin Chawla
  • I have my own business in Cameroon but wanted to start a new venture in real estate. Looking at the complexity of business and amount of knowledge required to enter into real estate, I was little apprehensive.

    However NIREM's real estate course was so practical, informative and effective that I do not consider real estate business complex or difficult, any more. Credit goes the choice of faculty members who are top real estate professionals themselves.

    Vijay Thadani
  • Doing a course with NIREM was like going through on-the-job training. Course content and delivery process were so practical. After all, you can’t understand real estate in class room unless it is practical and interactive.

    Ashish Kathuria
  • I am planning to start my own property consulting business and therefore understating theoretical as well as practical aspects of real estate business was important for me. I took admission in NIREM course and I can confirm today that NIREM made it very easy for me to start the business.

    The program was very interactive and knowledgeable. Faculty members, who are top professionals in their areas of interest and coming from the industry, made it possible for us to understand the nuances of real estate business thoroughly.

    Dinesh Kumar
  • Thank you for providing me practical real estate education. I've thoroughly enjoyed studying real estate management program. It was a dream come true. I'm especially grateful to NIREM for offering the program with a distance learning method that helped me greatly.

    Monish Parwani, Jamaica
  • I appreciate so much for your detailed and perfect training. I would like to give my appreciation for taking me step by step through the course to completion. You have made a difference in my life, and I look forward to a successful and prosperous future as I apply attained knowledge in the Real Property field in Tanzania.

    David Paul Blessing, Tanzania
  • I wanted to enhance my knowledge in property documentation, sales and brokerage and NIREM's real estate courses provided me thorough knowledge in these two areas apart from others. I am satisfied with the way NIREM offers its courses.

    Jyoti Sharma
  • I never imagined that I would be able to study real estate courses in India with the kind of interactive and practical inputs that NIREM offered.

    Swabhav Kaushik
  • Teaching practical approach to property valuation to someone interest in a career in property sales & marketing is a noteworthy approach. This helps you become a better and effective real estate professional.

    Raajnandini Sinha
  • I enquired about real estate courses at different institutes but joined NIREM. I am now happy that I took the decision to join NIREM. I am sure I would not have got this type of practical input anywhere else.

    Nitin Kumar