• Teaching practical approach to property valuation to someone interest in a career in property sales & marketing is a noteworthy approach. This helps you become a better and effective real estate professional.

    Raajnandini Sinha
  • I enquired about real estate courses at different institutes but joined NIREM. I am now happy that I took the decision to join NIREM. I am sure I would not have got this type of practical input anywhere else.

    Nitin Kumar
  • Comprehensive curriculum, choice of faculty and process of course delivery are the three pillars of success for any professional course. I find NIREM meeting these three conditions efficiently and effectively.

    Sagar Maggon
  • The program was unexpectedly good; I did not know that I will go so deep into the topics considering the fact that I am a fresher. Even though I am a fresher, faculty members were so interactive in approach that today I can confirm I have good knowledge of real estate business.

    Ishant Verma
  • Doing real estate course at NIREM is one of my best experiences. Highly knowledgeable faculties coming from different real estate companies make the course even better. Covering diverse topics from brokerage to master planning, from builder buyer agreement to transactions related to NRIs is credit worthy.

    Anil Kumar Chaudhary